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    Incense Sticks

    Made with Essential Oils to stimulate, lift & enhance creativity

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    Essential Oils

    Distinctive Essential, Blend and Exotic Oils to promote health & wellbeing.

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    Incense Burners

    Hand crafted in teak giving the perfect balance & style for your home

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    Re – pronounced Ray

    is the name of the second musical pitch and is pronounced that way, this was chosen as our symbol, to indicate that our incense can raise your level of vibration to a higher pitch, to help you experience the world within that perhaps you are totally unaware of.

    RE Incense

    An experience of discovery, Warmth, Nurturing and Love

    It’s rare to find an incense that can change your feelings and allow you to get a different view of life, an incense that can take you from a place of anxiety to a deep inner peace and space that wraps you in the warmth of the deepest nurturing and love.

    A place from which you can set forth on your journey to discover yourself.


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