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About Us


Re – pronounced Ray

Is the name of the second musical pitch and is pronounced that way, this was chosen as our symbol, to indicate that our incense can raise your level of vibration to a higher pitch, to help you experience the world within that perhaps you are totally unaware of.

RE Incense
An experience of discovery, Warmth, Nurturing and Love

It’s rare to find an incense that can change your feelings and allow you to get a different view of life, an incense that can take you from a place of anxiety to a deep inner peace and space that wraps you in the warmth of the deepest nurturing and love.

A place from which you can set forth on your journey to discover yourself.

Natural oils have numerous beneficial qualities that can stimulate you when you’re tired, lift you up when you are down and enhance your creativity.

Our incense is made in Melbourne Australia by us, using the purest and best quality oils sourced from the deep valleys and mountains of India to the flowering fields of France to make our incense. We carefully craft our incense sticks with our clients’ best interests in mind, making sure we use the purest of ingredients in our products. We offer long burning sticks per packet and superb fragrances to meet every need.

Also we offer a range of organic incense.


They say circumstances alter cases, and indeed in this case that is the truth.

When the need is great –

The universe will send you what you need.

And this is the story of Re Incense

Raffaella a designer in the fashion industry in Italy, decided she wanted a different direction in life.

Her current profession offered, long hours, and a rather shallow industry that fed the ego, instead of the soul.

Enough she said, and perhaps someone was listening, because one morning a door opened and a man dressed in orange stood in the frame. That person was a  Swami, who began to teach Raffaella about the inner spiritual life, the teaching continues to this day. The Swami and Raffaella became good friends, and as well as developing spiritual growth, the Swami (who had been making Incense for 35 years) taught Raffaella the hidden knowledge of blending and creating superb incense with essential oils sourced from Australia and around the world.

The result: Re Incense and Oils

A beautiful dream beginning to come true, incense is made from fabulous essential oils that are gathered from all over the world to be joined together to create the unbelievable scents of RE INCENSE

Fill your life with the wonder of our magnificent incense, and witness things changing before your very eyes.