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RE Incense Incense & Essential Oils
RE Incense Incense & Essential Oils
RE Incense Incense & Essential Oils

Exotic Oil - Sandalwood

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Botanical Name: Santalum Album

Place of Origin: Mysore, India.

The Australian Sandalwood produces  a very similar oil, BUT with a dry bitter top note.

The Sandalwood we use is East Indian sandalwood from Mysore

Simply the best!

It is a small, evergreen, parasitic tree up to 9 metres high. The tree must be over 30 years old before it is ready for the production of sandalwood oil.

A woody, sweet, and exotic oil, subtle and lingering.

Part of the plant used: Timber, inner heartwood.

Method of extraction: steam or water distillation.

While the sandalwood is valued for its essential oil, the closely –grained, fine, pale yellow wood was often referred to as “Botanical Ivory”

The spread of the use of Sandalwood throughout Asia followed the spread of Buddhism. The use of powdered sandalwood as incense is an example of how sandalwood has always been considered the aromatic foundation of Buddhist practice


The Sri Yantra is the most well known and powerful of all yogic Yantras ---visual tools of spiritual transformation. Through its combination of of upward pointing Shiva, and downward pointing Shakti, triangles, it reflects the ability of Sandalwood oil to integrate the Spirit with the senses.

10ml bottle
      • Cautions

        We do not recommended any essential oils for internal use

        Keep out of reach of children.

        Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas

      • Due to  customs regulations and other restrictions we are not able to send our essential oils overseas.