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Sandalwood Special Sticks - RE Incense
Sandalwood Special Sticks - RE Incense
Sandalwood Special Sticks - RE Incense
RE Incense Incense & Essential Oils
Sandalwood Special Sticks - RE Incense

Sandalwood Special Sticks NEW!


A classic oil used to clear all forms of negative energy left over by others, kick your business off on the right foot, clear your new house, burn Sandalwood before you move in or begin your business.

Woody, sweet, exotic, subtle and lingering.

Star sign match your incense:   Aries, Capricorn, Leo, Sagittarius

The very best is east Indian Mysore sandalwood.

  • 30 Very long incense sticks per packet
  • Approx. 2 hour 
  • 5 most sought-after scents

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Robin Bamford
Sandlewood Incense

This scent has taken a few times for me to warm into it, into it's fullness. I often find that I enjoy a scent in sync with my mood at the time. But just like now, I was in the other room, and walked into this room, to where I was burning the scent, and it smells really lovely and like soft wood. I love the gold shimmer of the incense stick. I'm not sure what sandlewood is supposed to smell like in an essential oil, but the incense begins with a lovely woody scent when I light the stick, and it also has a sweet and richness to it that follows.

Marina Weeden
Sandalwood incense

Beautiful packaging Beautiful incense
Thank you for delivering so quickly. Love it💜

Claudia Camenzuli
Assorted incenses

They were amazing I sent it to my mom in Miami, Florida she loves it

Nadya Saab
Sandalwood incense from Re Incense

My favourite incense. The fragrance is so pure. The rose incense is also beautiful.

My favourite scent of all time

This is my favourite incense in the world!! Super long lasting and fills my home with a beautiful scent.